Assessment test

  • Deep Thermal Shock
  • Ultra-low temperature and high temperature are repeatedly given to a cylinder head gasket and a gasket applied to a cooling system and lubrication system, then evaluate the seal property, which is the main function of the gasket.
  • Heat cycle tester
  • By cyclizing a low temperature and high temperature, evaluate the seal property of a cooling system in a cylinder head gasket.
  • Programmed high chamber
  • Assess heat resistance of gasket under a high temperature and high pressure to verify the durability of a high temperature in a gasket of exhaust system.
  • Endurance tester
  • Evaluates the reliability of a gasket with the muffler type gasket with high temperature and vibration which are similar to the actual operation condition of an engine.
  • Three-dimensional analysis of surface pressure
  • Conduct a three-dimensional Analysis with the surface pressure of the gasket and confirm the reliability with a numerical surface pressure.