Manufacturing process

  • METAL automatic line
  • Realizing an unmanned operation with a mass production system through atomization and keeping up pace with the manufacturing environment.
  • SEMI-METAL line
  • A line that is designed to operate 1 person 2 facilities for the manufacture of a variety of gaskets and is capable of high-speed mass production. Proud of a high efficiency.
  • Automatic line
  • Unmanned facilities for a blanking process of non-asbestos head gasket. Safe and easy for a mass production with a high reliability.
  • Unmanned automation
  • Pulling, compression and compression & recovery of materials are measured to confirm the material properties of the design.
  • Rubber injection and compression moulding machine
  • Producing rubber gaskets that are used for various purposes directly with our own mixing technology. Best quality maintenance with Injection M / C.