• A product made of steel attached to a beater seat on both sides and compressed and molded.
  • - Heat resistance, LLC, good chemical resistance, compression ratio, stress relaxation, economic efficiency.
  • - It is used for head gasket, intake manifold SUCTION MANIFOLD, gasket and so on.
  • - Used mainly in gasoline engines.
  • Products made of steel with graphite on both sides, then compressed and molded.
  • - Excellent heat resistance, LLC resistance, chemical resistance, compression ratio,
    stress relaxation, ignition loss.
  • - Used for head gasket, suction manifold, gasket etc.
  • - Used for gasoline to diesel.
  • A Product made by sticking sheet on both sides of steel material.
  • - Excellent heat resistance, LLC resistance, durability, chemical resistance and excellent compression ratio,
    stress relaxation and seal property.
  • - Used for head gasket etc.
  • - Mainly used for large diesel.
  • A product that is formed by bonding rubber to both sides of steel and coating it using a material whose surface is made of graphite.
  • - Material with heat resistance, LLC resistance and oil resistance with excellent adhesion.
  • - Widely applied to head gasket, intake(suction) manifold gasket, water pump gasket and so on.
  • MULTI-LAYER METAL(Rubber Metal)
  • A product that locally or wholly coated a surface of a steel with rubber locally or wholly.
  • - It is excellent in heat resistance, LLC resistance, oil resistance and can provide selective adhesion
    to actively respond to confidentiality maintenance. Used in all gasoline-diesel ranges.